low sugar
Bulldog Smaller Ears (PLP)

In line with recommended guidelines, the historical novels of Alison Huntingford are low in sugar.  There are no candy coated, frothy romances here; no; only an authentic portrait of life in the past.  Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but always truthful. 

The fancy frocks and grand manor houses common to many a novel of this genre, are absent here; instead what we get is a slice of real life, taken from the author’s own family history.  True tales of struggle and hardship with no guarantee of a happy ending.  These aren’t fairy stories, they are reality. 

We all know life is complicated, messy and never goes to plan.  The past was no different.  Alison Huntingford explores and reveals the seamy, gritty side of life in her novels, never hesitating to tell it like it was.  Take a journey with her characters through their lives.  You won’t regret it!


2019     The Glass Bulldog

2020     Someone Else

2022     A Ha'penny Will Do  

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